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Cybersecurity – The Right Career Choice for You?

By January 17, 2022February 28th, 2024Cyber Security

Cybersecurity – The Right Career Choice for You?

Cybersecurity is currently experiencing a bit of a boom right now – data breaches are having a greater impact than ever, and companies are now searching for the best professionals to safeguard their data. As a result, there is a well-documented shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals meaning that companies are searching desperately for qualified talent. Cybersecurity now stands as offering competitive pay, huge growth opportunity, job security, and the chance to make a real impact.

Interested in the opportunity? Read on below to find out if cybersecurity might be the right career path for you:

Life as a Cybersecurity Professional

As a cybersecurity professional, you will be making an impact on the front lines ensuring that data stays safe and secure. For some this is rewarding, but for others this can present some challenges and stress. Finding the right role within cybersecurity depends on experience and interests in personality. Some common examples of roles within the industry include:

  • Entry Level: Systems Administrator, Network Engineer, Network Admin, Security Admin
  • Mid- Level: Cybersecurity Analyst, Pen Tester, Security Technician, IT Auditor
  • Senior Level: Cybersecurity Manager, Cybersecurity Engineer, CISO

These roles will typically fall under one of the three categories. These are their key responsibilities:

  • Cybersecurity Engineers: Sometimes called SecOps or IT security, this group is tasked with designing, implementing, operating and maintaining cybersecurity controls. Many come from typical IT jobs and compromise the traditional, most common roles in cybersecurity. Well suited for those with a strong grasp on how technical controls in their area function.
  • Cybersecurity Testers: One of the most glamorous jobs in security as these folks are the “hackers” who find gaps and identify problems in networks. These tasks are often outsourced, and so testers can often find themselves as part of a consulting services team.
  • Cybersecurity Responder: This group is tasked with planning for a minimizing security incidents. They may also be focused on minimizing risks before they happen. Similar to testers, these roles are commonly outsourced, but can also be full-time and internal. Well suited for those who are able to keep calm under pressure.

Cybersecurity Salary & Pay

Indeed reports that the average salary for cybersecurity roles is $81,738 in Canada and $97,079 a year in the U.S. This number has gone up in recent years – Cyberattacks have had a devastating impact in recent years and so businesses are now paying more to hire the best professionals to hire their data. Some top earning positions include penetration tester ($80,000 – $130,000), Application Security Engineer ($120,000 – $180,000) and Information security manager ($125,000 – 215,000).

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about cybersecurity is that a fancy degree or diploma is not necessarily required – Certifications are very respected in the field with plenty of free resources available to get started learning! Additionally, this is an industry that is growing tremendously quickly with lots of opportunity for advancement and growth.

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