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Upcoming Events: Discover upcoming cybersecurity conferences, webinars, workshops, and seminars where you can participate, learn, and network with fellow professionals and experts and to keep you informed and connected with the latest trends.
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Stay at the forefront of the industry and join Stratejm at any one of our exciting industry-specific events. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Live Webinar: Mastering OT Security: Unveiling Nozomi Networks Pioneering Leadership in Operational Tech

When: April 25th, 1:00PM - 2:00PM EST

Live Webinar: Cybersecurity Reinvented – Elevate your Defense with Qualys VMDR

Live Event: Mississauga Cybersecurity Forum: March 2024

Live Webinar: Using SlashNext’s Generative AI to stop BEC Attacks

Live Webinar: Live Webinar: Seamless Security in a Borderless World

Live Webinar: Transforming Cyber Resilience: Mastering Comprehensive Threat Defense with Cisco XDR

Live Webinar: Mastering the Cyber Battlefield: Proactive Security Validation for Zero Trust

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