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Cloud Risk Assessment

A Cloud Risk Assessment (CRA) is an in-depth, full-scale assessment that includes the completion of a Vulnerability Assessment, Penetration Testing, Compliance Review (if applicable), Risk Assessment, and Social Engineering Security Assessment.

In addition to providing the findings of each assessment completed, Stratejm will build a bespoke Remediation & IT Security Roadmap for each customer based wholly upon substantiated risk and business impact. The Cloud Risk Assessment will highlight, among other things:

  • Top Applications by Utilization
  • Top Users
  • High-Risk Applications
  • Top Storage by Upload
  • Users with Compromised Credentials

Once armed with this information, Stratejm can assist its customers mitigate the associated risk by implementing the appropriate solution suite offering visibility and control mechanisms that will provide business assurance.

If you have a question or wish to learn more about Stratejm’s Enterprise Cloud Security Risk Assessment we encourage you to contact us:

Telephone: 888.876.0504