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Vulnerability Management

Stratejm has integrated Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) into our SECaaS. As part of the service we conduct both internal and external Vulnerability Assessments. The building and maintenance of a successful Vulnerability Management Program has proven to be a difficult challenge for many enterprises. Stratejm takes a pragmatic, business-first approach to solving this problem.

Partnering with Qualys (, Stratejm’s SECaaS ingests and correlates the resulting vulnerability scan data against your CMDB. This helps to prioritize which vulnerabilities should be addressed first. Stratejm also uses cyber threat intelligence to further enrich the vulnerability data by constantly scanning the Dark Web, Deep Web and Social Media for new vulnerabilities that are most prone to be exploited or for which exploits are readily available.

Instead of simply giving Customer a long print out of all identified vulnerabilities, we give you a short list of vulnerabilities that you need to resolve in a timely manner. If they cannot be resolved for logistical or practical reasons, then steps are taken based on advice and guidance from the cybersecurity experts at Stratejm to mitigate the risk.

"With this approach, you can focus on closing the gaps which present the greatest threat to the organization(s) and not waste time reviewing a lot of useless information."