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Stratejm maintains a broad portfolio of services to meet your specific needs. We take a business-first approach toward our delivery methodology that succeeds at generating attributable ROI for dollars spent.

We encourage you to browse our Security Service Catalogue below to understand how we may be able to assist your organization.

If you have a question or wish to learn more about Stratejm’s Cyber Security service capabilities we encourage you to contact us:

Telephone: 888.876.0504


Virtual CISO

Provides organizations with thought leadership and strategic direction on all things related to data and cyber security.

Security Assessment

An in-depth, full-scale assessment of an organizations security posture.

Vulnerability Assessment

A technical assessment designed to yield as many vulnerabilities as possible in a specific environment.

Penetration Testing

A technical assessment designed to achieve a specific goal (i.e. to steal data, to gain domain administrator access or modify sensitive information).

Compliance Review

Can be technical and/or documentation-based, and focuses on how an existing configuration compares to a desired standard.

Risk Assessment

Determines what the current level of acceptable risk is, measures the current risk level, and then determines what can be done to bring these two in line where there exist mismatches.

Social Engineering Security Assessment

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people to give up confidential information utilizing different tactics.

Security Management Consulting

Help to develop enterprise security strategies to a level which protects business-critical assets and ensures business continuity.

Enterprise Cloud Risk Assessment

Stratejm’s Enterprise Cloud Risk Assessment provides visibility across ALL cloud applications in use, the risk associated with these apps and whether sensitive business data is leaving the organization.