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Validation meets Automation  

Over the past few years, ransomware attacks have increased in both frequency and severity. These attacks have been adopted by sophisticated attackers and have become complex, multi-phased attacks that combine data encryption with the threat of data exposure. These actors have increased their scope – from seeding this malware threat to targeting specific industries including whole cities. Today, the total cost of ransomware attacks can climb into the millions of dollars.  

This is why Pentera created the Automated Security Validation (ASV) platform, which emulates a complete ransomware attack to provide visibility of the most likely vulnerabilities and lateral pathways ransomware will take to target critical assets and disrupt operations. We apply safe versions of the most destructive ransomware strains found in the wild and emulate a complete attack to provide visibility on your network security operations. We free up valuable IT resources by arming professionals with a broad arsenal of tools that will allow them to test their entire IT infrastructure automatically. Pentera identifies the true risk and security exposure so that security teams can focus on the 5% of threats that actually matter.  

This is especially important in the wake of widespread attacks that have plagued us throughout 2021. As organizations respond by testing their environments to determine if they are also vulnerable, Automated Security Validation (ASV) allows them to prioritize where their environments need the most attention. Pentera immediately puts to action a risk-based remediation roadmap by emulating real-life attacks and validating the efficacy of your defensive controls  

Unprecedented Speed & Scale 

Since Pentera is completely agentless and can be deployed in the cloud or on-prem, it can emulate attacks and provide visibility across infrastructures of all sizes. We harness the built-in knowledge and hacking experience of a thousand pentesters to achieve unprecedented speed and scale through automation. Our agentless architecture can help you discover, exploit, analyze and create a complete red team operation automatically. 

Prioritize and Remediate with Confidence 

With the sheer amount of vulnerabilities and potential exploits out there, there is no way to know which ones are real or which ones pose the greatest risk. When lacking meaningful risk prioritization and actionable context, these questions remain unanswered, causing weaknesses to be piled on to an already long backlog. Pentera applies conclusive prioritization insight that speeds up surgical remediation against the vulnerabilities that pose the greatest threat to your organization.  

Reduced False Positives 

As your digital footprint grows, so do potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses. But not all vulnerabilities are created equal, and not all necessarily deserve your attention – With the sheer number of vulnerabilities it can become a huge burden simply to determine which vulnerabilities need patching. Pentera offers a risk-weighted view that enables you to prioritize security gaps based on severity, exposure, and business impact. We enable teams to deal with increasing workloads and volumes of vulnerabilities with unprecedented efficiency.  

Pentera Enhanced by Stratejm 

Stratejm is proud to say that we are an MSSP partner of Pentera. As a one-stop systems integrator, we provide our vast cybersecurity knowledge and expertise to ensure that world-class tools like ASV are maintained and configured to maximum efficiency and effectiveness.  

We are North America’s leading next-generation MSSP specializing in turnkey, enterprise-grade cybersecurity. Please contact us to find out more about how Pentera can validate your defenses with just a single click.