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Network Defense-as-a-Service 

When dealing with modern cyberthreats, network data is the ultimate source of truth. In fact, the biggest advantage defenders have is the ability to know what “normal” on their network looks like, whereas attackers do not. Attackers need to execute the steps of the cyber kill-chain and many of those steps (probing and reconnaissance, command and control, exfiltration…etc) can be seen best at the network level. Network Defense-as-a-Service goes where EDR cannot, and provides coverage for devices like printers, IP cameras, smart tvs, and other IoT enabled devices.  

More specifically, NDaaS focuses on the Identify, Detect and Respond functions in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). CyGlass simply and effectively identifies, detects and responds to threats to your network without requiring any additional hardware, software, or people. By using AI, the CyGlass cloud is able to continuously analyze the billions of conversations happening on your network, learn what is normal, and alert when suspicious behaviours that risk the security of your critical IT assets are detected. The best part? CyGlass doesn’t require any personally identifiable information (PII) to detect threats. 

Flexible & Comprehensive 

Companies of all sizes are looking for an easy to deploy, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that provides visibility across the network. There is a well-documented shortage of qualified cybersecurity professionals at the moment, and consequently companies are looking for tools that will integrate seamlessly and save money. NDaaS is a part of a layered security architecture that can integrate with all of the other surrounding technologies including SIEM, NAC, NOMD, EDR, and SOAR. Since it is entirely cloud-based, it can provide an additional layer of defense around any network and can be configured in minutes. Ultimately, NDaaS leads to reduced cost of ownership due to the absence of an appliance and the corresponding complexities in appliance deployment and maintenance.  

Key Solution Benefits 

  • Enterprise class Cybersecurity at a fraction of the cost of traditional NDR tools  
  • Automatically identify assets on your network and prioritize layered security zones  
  • Receive Smart Alerts and prioritized event notifications on suspicious network activity  
  • Gain visibility of your network threat landscape and respond quickly to malicious insiders or motivated attackers  
  • Detect network anomalies with a proven, scalable AI that continuously learns while monitoring your network activity using existing firewalls and without additional people or software  
  • Create comprehensive reports on threats, assets and network behaviour  

CyGlass Enhanced by Stratejm  

Stratejm is proud to say that we are an MSSP partner of Cyglass. Stratejm’s 24x7x365 Network Defense service provides a critical layer of defense behind the firewall to detect anomalies and threats that can lurk in your network for weeks, months, or even years before executing a devastating attack. We provide our resources and take care of the management, configuration and implementation of cybersecurity tools and processes to ensure that your cybersecurity teams can focus on the things that actually matter.  

Stratejm is North America’s leading next generation Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) specializing in turnkey, comprehensive enterprise grade security. Contact us to find out more about how NDaaS can provide complete network protection across all your devices.