Learn why Gartner® listed Cybersecurity Mesh as a Top Strategic Technology Trend for 2022

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  • Cybersecurity Mesh is a security approach that promotes interoperability and integration between distinct security products to enhance security posture
  • In fact, Gartner predicts “organizations adopting a cybersecurity mesh architecture to integrate security tools to work as a collaborative ecosystem will reduce the financial impact of individual security incidents by an average of 90%”
  • “IT leaders must integrate security tools into a cooperative ecosystem using a composable and scalable cybersecurity mesh architecture approach.”
  • Read more about Cybersecurity Mesh in this new Gartner® report and learn how:
  • Organizations can adapt to increasing operational complexity
  • To drive digital transformation while augmenting existing network security
  • To integrate security tools using a composable and scalable mesh architecture approach
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Gartner, Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2022: Cybersecurity Mesh, Felix Gaehtgens , James Hoover, Henrique Teixeira, Claudio Neiva, Michael Kelley, Mary Ruddy, Patrick Hevesi,18 October 2021

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