Threat Intelligence

Social Media Monitoring as a Service

Stratejm is an MSSP Partner of the market leader Anomali ( Anomali arms security teams with machine learning optimized threat intelligence and identifies hidden threats targeting their environments. For Social Media monitoring Stratejm has partnered with ZeroFox ( The threat landscape is continually expanding, and organizations are under continuous attack and overwhelmed with alerts. Thousands of incidents occur each day and security professionals only have time to deal with dozens. This creates operational chaos. Security teams need next-generation security solutions to help them respond faster, defend proactively and invest smarter.

Stratejm has one of the most mature and Integrated Threat Intelligence Offerings. Our integrated solution incorporates solutions from the following technology companies:

Anomali – ThreatStream

The Most Widely Adopted Threat Intelligence Platform


Social media and digital platforms—such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, deep & dark web, mobile app stores and more