Secure Web Gateway

as a Service

Stratejm is an MSSP Partner of Zscaler ( Zscaler Secure Web Gateway provides you with a secure Internet and web gateway delivered as a service. Zscaler delivers a full security stack with all the in-depth protection you’ll ever need. Just point your office or user traffic to the Zscaler platform, and it instantly begins stopping malware, advanced threats, phishing, browser exploits, malicious URLs, botnets, and more.

Born in the cloud and built for speed, Zscaler helps you break free from traditional appliance models, cut network costs, and restore security in a cloud-first world. Improve and streamline the security model:

  • Deliver your security stack as a service from a global cloud that scales to all users, on- or off-network
  • Deploy integrated cloud services, including web security and filtering, firewall, cloud app control, sandbox, DLP, and antivirus/antispam
  • Start with the services you need today and activate others as your needs grow Deliver a faster, more secure user experience
  • Enable users to connect direct to the Internet via the Zscaler cloud and bypass slower hub-and-spoke architectures
  • Minimize the cost of MPLS backhaul links and the administration and maintenance of security appliances
  • Elastically scale your capacity requirements as traffic demands increase – no more hardware limitations Enjoy unified policies and reporting
  • Provide the exact same security and policy controls regardless of where users connect
  • Use only one console to enforce a unified user or group policy across the entire security stack
  • View real-time reporting and centralized analytics that improve threat context and visibility across all users
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