Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

as a Service

Stratejm is an MSSP Partner of Duo Mobile ( Stratejm has integrated Duo Mobile into our solution to provide multi-factor authentication to support remote access for Customer employees. Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security to your online accounts.

All applications (Shopify, Dynamics, etc.) will be integrated with Duo to strengthen access security by requiring users to provide two factors to verify their identity. These factors can include something you know – like a username and password, plus something you have – like a smartphone app to approve authentication requests.

How it works

Once users are enrolled in Duo we are ready to go: They will login as usual with their username and password, and then use their device to verify that it’s them. Stratejm can set up the system to do this via SMS, voice call, one-time passcode, the Duo Mobile smartphone app, and so on.


Enter username and password as usual


Use your phone to verify your identity


Securely logged in

No mobile phone?

We can also use a landline or tablet, or Stratejm can also provide a hardware token. Duo lets you link multiple devices to your account, so you can use your mobile phone and a landline, a landline and a hardware token, two different mobile devices, etc.

Duo Authentication Workflow