Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

as a Service

Stratejm has partnered with the market leader in CASB; Netskope ( When it comes to safe cloud enablement, organizations are on a journey. They may be starting with one use case today such as securing a sanctioned app or suite like Office 365 or perhaps discovering shadow IT, but they also have growing needs. They need a variety of deployment options to support new use cases and a way to add new ones as they emerge. Moreover, they need to scale to accommodate additional security services as well as accommodate an ever-growing number of cloud services without disrupting the overall system.

Netskope was architected to cover all cloud security use cases in a comprehensive manner. Flexibility starts with the option of being deployed as a 100 percent cloud service, as an on premises appliance, or in a hybrid manner that includes both.

All-mode Architecture

Netskope is the only vendor with an all-mode architecture that comprehensively supports all theoretical ways to steer traffic to the Netskope cloud for visibility and control. We have customers in production across every deployment architecture offered in the market today, including log-based discovery, API introspection, inline as a reverse proxy, inline as a forward proxy with or without agents or mobile profiles, in secure TAP mode, and in proxy-chaining mode.

We have abstracted our analytics and policy enforcement engine from our deployment options, which allows customers to add to their deployments quickly and with minimal disruption. This is unlike other vendors whose product capabilities are heavily dependent on deployment architecture. We have created a modular data plane, which abstracts our analytics and policy enforcement engine from our support for cloud apps. This means that we can seamlessly add new cloud services to provide deep visibility and control with no impact to the rest of the platform.

Patented Traffic Steering Technology

Whether your use case is focused on adding a real-time security layer on top of Office 365, getting visibility into Shadow IT, controlling and securing all cloud services, or anything in between, Netskope provides flexible deployment options that include a variety of traffic steering technology to address all of your use cases.

Deploy in a frictionless, out-of-band way using API Introspection to provide near real-time visibility and control of content within sanctioned cloud services
Choose from several inline deployment options to provide real-time visibility and control of sanctioned and/or unsanctioned cloud services
Combine out-of-band and inline deployment options to provide more comprehensive use case coverage

The Anomali Threat Intelligence platform is Stratejm’s integration point and ingest feeds from Recorded Future, Zero Fox, CCTX and a host of open source feeds. This data is ingested, curated and then fed into the SIEM and incorporated into correlation rules to detect sources of Malware, Bots, Ransomware and other malicious traffic. The results can also be used to add new rules to firewalls to block known malicious actors.

Architectural Advantages of Netskope

Flexible deployment options

Netskope offers the industry’s only all-mode architecture that supports any use case. This starts with the option of being deployed 100 percent in the cloud, as an on-premises appliance, or via a hybrid configuration that includes both. When it comes to traffic steering, Netskope supports every possible out-of-band and inline mode, including forward and reverse proxy, secure TAP, API, and log-based discovery. These modes are often used in parallel to cover customers’ multiple use cases.

Netskope context engine

The Netskope Context Engine enables you to see real-time cloud activity details in context. By mapping out the API interactions of billions of transactions across tens of thousands of apps, the Netskope Context Engine has built the intelligence you need to go beyond wondering what byte movements represent. This allows you to understand risky behavior and take action to protect sensitive data, stop online threats, and respond to incidents immediately and thoroughly.

Cloud-scale architecture

Netskope has built its infrastructure and software architecture at cloud scale. Unlike traditional security solutions that are limited by the computing, storage and I/O that are available in a physical appliance, our cloud-scale platform has virtually infinite resources that can be applied to solve customer problems. The Netskope cloud-scale security platform enables you to implement our cloud security service throughout your global environment without impacting user experience.

Technology integrations

Leverage your existing investment in technologies such as firewalls and proxies, on-premises DLP, SIEM, IAM, MDM, data classification, endpoint protection, sandboxing, and more to enable a comprehensive cloud security solution. Netskope provides out-of-the-box integrations in addition to a REST API that enable custom and expanded integration capabilities.